I had spent the night at Nicki’s last night over in Santa Monica just off Ocean and Pico.  Just off the walk, Ocean walk, the Pacific Park where you find all those amusement rides on the pier.  The place is the bomb.  You meet all sorts of bizarre freaky locals and street hustlers.  All out for a good time while trying to make a buck.  Usually on Saturday’s Nicki likes to drag me out to the beach on romantic walks, she calls them.   Nicki owns  a condo not far from the pier we can walk there from her place.  We had performed our usual thing, smoke a fatty and order a pizza.


1516            Nicki’s one of the hottest, sexiest  Southern   California women I know.  Every time we meet up with Juanita that smoke goes straight between those tight sexy thighs of hers every time.  Nicki will start nibbling on my ears to get us both started up. Her tongue is like a car key, starts me up every time, no matter what.

Ever since the first time we got our hands on a blunt together, she has always come loose and wants to get nasty together.  Just can’t explain it, we have known each other all our lives. Nick and I are cousins, 1st cousins possibly that’s why they call us kissing cousin’s.

Last night ended in the usual way, me pop-n Nicki  doggie-style, her with my sticky goo all over those gorgeous ta-ta’s of hers and us giggling the night away about anything that comes to mind, with us completely out of breath, like we had just ran a marathon together.

Peek A Boo
Peek A Boo Nicki

It’s amazing Nicki hasn’t burnt one in the oven, with this late night romance affair between us.   This affair has gone on for way too many years and it is surprising no one in our family has caught on to us.   I think some times the two of us really could careless if anyone were to find out about our secret love affair together.  While in the heat of our moments together we will softly speak to each other about someone in the family finding out, but that doesn’t slow us down, in fact it’s more of a turn on for us.

I started my day off just like all the rest, two cups of coffee, four doughnuts and half a pack of smokes.   I had just left Nicki’s headed up the 405 to the valley where my shop is located.   Traffic on the 405 was nuts, looky loo’s slowing down to check out a fender bender going the opposite direction. Cars were jump-n lanes along with the usual , hey everybody, let’s just stop right here and form a parking lot on the 405.

As I am driving and dealing out my typical So. Cal. screw you too buddy driving.   My phone rang, I thought who the hell is this at 7 in the morning.   When I picked up the phone it didn’t take long to figure out my phone had somehow managed to let some babbling woman from the hills (Beverly Hills) to get through to my ear.   I thought to myself you basket case.   She just kept jaw jacking about something, it was difficult to understand, just what she was trying to tell me.   I had no clue.   It was getting difficult to concentrate on my surroundings listening to this babbling woman with a lit smoke in my mouth and a hot cup of coffee about to spill every where.

Soon I started to figure out just what she was trying to explain to me.   The shower upstairs was leaking and flooding her fancy living room furniture her and her husband had just bought last week.

She gave the address with some babbling on directions about where to turn and what buildings to look for.  I could have cared less, I knew where I was going all that gab didn’t make sense to me.

While I am trying to concentrate on my driving, I glanced around my front seat for something to write on.   I noticed something on top of the dashboard close by the passenger side of the van.

Watching traffic, I leaned over the dashboard as much and far as I could reach without loosing control of  my van.  With a smoke in my mouth, I grabbed yesterday’s hamburger wrapper, tore a piece off and scribbled down the address.  When I wrote her address down I put a 6, instead of a 9, at the end of her address numbers.

Finally I over took the conversation saying: ” yes ma’am, I can be there in 30 or 45 minutes.”

What I didn’t tell her was, that leak of yours maybe important to you, but I am making a convenience store stop first, before anything ruins my day at your house.

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