The Shed (part 2)

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The Shed part 2

The Loc- R

   Full of excitement , I am overwhelmed by a strange British man’s voice from inside my shed.  Within an instant I began to see a cat slowly walk out from behind this box.  It emerges from the oval-shaped cut out that appears to be a door way.

Then I noticed he was walking on his two hind legs and dressed as a classic British or Irish man.  He appeared to have just attended the horse track on Derby Day.

This cat had on a black merino wool morning coat, with a double-breasted dove-gray waist coat that I would refer to as a British style Cummberbun.   Amazingly he looked great sporting a black wool Victorian Mad Hatter style top hat.   The type I had only ever seen a magician wear while on stage performing.

I noticed he was wearing one spectacle eye-glass piece for his left eye while holding in…

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