The Loc- R

1665            Mr. Biggles – Worth

       An outstanding friend of mine.   Whom I have known for many years now. I met  Mr. Biggles – Worth one day while mowing my backyard.   There’s an old shed toward the back corner of the yard.  Where years ago as children we would play and could have ourselves a place outside where as kids we all could hide out from our parents.    This shed was our hangout spot where me, my sister Doreen and our friends would torment one another while playing and the shed just became a meeting place for all us kids.  This old play house storage shed holds many memories for myself.

     One hot summer day I was cutting my tall backyard grass with the mower.  When needing to get out of the hot summer time sun.   I went into the play house to get something, what I don’t remember.   As I am standing at the doorway searching and basically…

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